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Protecting Highways and byways teams from injuries  

If you’re doing any kind of work that requires repetitive manual handling of wheelbarrows, iTip
 handles are designed for you. Easy to use and ergonomic, you will
reduce the chance of wrist, arm, and back pain as well as & long term musculoskeletal disorders.

 Introducing the "Contractors Pack" from iTip Handles 

The LCRIG Innovation Festival (see below) has led to exciting opportunities with many councils eager to gain the safety benefits with there road teams. It has also led to a new innovation , "The Contractors Pack".
We discussed with the attendees how colleagues use wheelbarrows. Reading Borough Council (RBC) were particular interested in a situation they often encounter which is a double lift of a loaded wheelbarrow in to a low sided truck. We have also heard this from the water industry as an issue. 
Working in collaboration with RBC since the show we have developed a new product that incorporates two sets of iTip Handles, At the nose of the wheelbarrow we have been deploying EZ Tippa iTip Handles.  Then at the normal handling end either iTip Handles or EZ Tippa, depending on how dirty the situational requirement is. This makes it easier for teams of two to lift the wheelbarrow whilst still reducing back and musculoskeletal strains. For more information please contact us directly.


This video shows a real test of a team working on a normal wheelbarrow. Watch carefully and you will see the wheelbarrow being dropped, just missing his colleague with hot tar. Then a wheelbarrow with iTip Handles is used and immediately the safety levels are increased and the operation is easier. Ergonomically designed to rotate, they reduce back,  arm and wrist strain. This makes them excellent  for  manual handling. 


EZ Tippa, our original design has made a comeback during lockdown. Because it rotates on a metal bolt it reduces the chances of substances such as cement setting and blocking the mechanism. We still recommend keeping your equipment maintained and cleaned, but the EZ Tippa is more forgiving. The example video shows EZ Tippa from iTip Handles being used in a particularly hazardous situation, a cement factory. They are well designed to take the heavy loads and maintain the ability to spin, reducing the chances of musculoskeletal injury. 


LCRIG Innovation Festival 22

The Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) provides members with a unique platform to engage with councils, the Department of Transport and the wider highways community. Thanks to the highways team at North Yorkshire Council experiencing iTip Handles, we were invited to attend a festival of innovation. 
We were especially pleased to get a mention by the Chief Executive of LCRIG Martin Duffy in his closing speech. He talked about the wide and exciting innovations present and iTip Handles were pulled out as a glowing example, original and innovative. 


Use of iTip Handles

Replacing regular handles with iTip is the safest and easiest way to tip a
loaded wheelbarrow, sack trolley, wheel chairs or anything that requires
 controlled movement. Please contact us if you have interest in any of these areas; Info@iTipHandles.com ring 0333 800 5000 www.iTipHandles.com. 


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