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Always a mainstay piece of equipment for gardeners is the ever reliable wheelbarrow. Inevitably there are going to be situations where manure sacks, compost and garden waste need to be move. Going back centuries to ancient China, the main design has not really changed. However the addition of iTip rotating handles causes a eureka moment! Once you have tried it on your gardening wheelbarrow, the idea is so simple and makes such a difference that you will never want to use your barrow without them. It is a good thing you can move them between your current and future wheelbarrows.

Amateur Gardening
talks about iTip® wheelbarrow handles

"Gardeners love simple practical solutions, they don’t have time to mess around and that in essence is the iTip — a practical solution to a genuine problem. The wheelbarrow has evolved over hundreds of years, but this is the first seriously useful change to the basic design in all that time. They have solved the problem of the final movement of tipping the contents of the barrow — often a heavy weight — into its destination without the difficulty of changing position. It makes the process quicker and a lot easier. The handles are easy to attach and easy to use. More importantly, they are completely intuitive in use. It’s just a natural movement. I think the iTip will catch on, because it is not a gadget, it’s a genuine practical improvement".

Garry Coward-Williams Group Editor Amateur Gardening

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“ Best Garden Tools & Machinery Winner: iTip – iTip Rotating handles for Wheelbarrows. Also Winner for Best of British. Selected from hundreds of entries showcased at Glee (10th – 12th September, NEC Birmingham), the winning products were chosen by an expert panel of judges, representing independent and multiple retailers and international suppliers. A challenging range of criteria, including innovation, design, quality, environmental credentials, pricing and retail potential was used.”

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"Adding iTip® handles to a wheelbarrow
is the safest and easiest way to tip your loaded wheelbarrow, sack trolley,
cement mixer or anything that requires controlled movement."

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Take the strain out of

Ground work

The easy way to manoeuvre your barrow minimising strain and protecting against injury.

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“We are honoured that The Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association (GIMA) announced that iTip Handles is a finalist in the hotly contested Growing, Planting, Equipment and Sundries category 2019. The recognition of iTip Handles alongside many of the large gardening manufacturers and with 150 products in contention at the ceremony, to make it through and to appear in the top 3 was amazing. We would like to thank everyone involved.”