Making wheelchairs easier to push using iTip Handles

Wheelchair technology has evolved. One area that is ripe for improvement is comfort for the attendant pushing the wheelchair. Enter iTip Handles. They provide a better grip, that moves to the position best suited to the attendants height, reducing strain on the wrist and the need to arch the back. iTip Handles come in to there own on inclines and drops providing increased grip, control and stability. Available in a range of colours, bright yellow and orange increase visibility for the wheelchair during use. To purchase iTip Handles visit

Stretchers get suspension using iTip Handles

An army officer pointed out the benefits of iTip Handles to stretcher-bearers. Patient care, speed of care while maintaining safety are paramount in evacuation situations. By adding iTip Handles comfort increases by acting as a suspension system. Also the point of re-positioning the bearers hand is removed making it easier to manoeuvre in to ambulances and medical support areas. They are also easy to remove for sterilisation.