iRoll Safety Handles for cages and roll cages

Health and Safety professionals have approached us looking for a control measure for often the biggest cause of injury…The retail roll cage. iRoll ergonomic Safety Handles are high visibility, ergonomic rotating handles that can be attached to a roll cage using a roll cage adapter. They re-enforce and supplement training for many of the potential musculoskeletal injury situations arising from roll cages.

iRoll Safety Handles no longer require modifications or preparation of the cage, they simply and securely clip on and off. We are in the process of developing and have produced prototypes which work with the majority of round and square frame cages. These have undergone successful real life testing with a 500KG load. They will be undergoing external independent lab testing in the very near future and then we will be looking for partners to pilot them.
We are currently working with companies using cages and roll cages and have developed bespoke designs.
Please register your interest with us. We will need quantity of your cages, size and shape of the frame. Additional pictures of the equipment where the iRoll Safety Handles will attach would really help.

The health and safety issues of roll cages 

Issues include incorrectly pushing with the directional castors leading, pushing too high up (increasing the chances of a topple) and fingers and toes cuts and bone breaks. Safety Handles reinforce training and remove or reduce many safety issues. Once iRoll Safety Handles are on users are always on the correct side for the casters AND at the optimum height for moving a roll cage. Roll Safety feature the unique ergonomic radial design allowing operators to find a comfortable position, reducing risk, strain, injury and musculoskeletal disorder. On completion of a delivery, simply lift off the iRoll Safety Handles to allow the door to be opened. Then iRoll Safety Handles can be hooked back on to facilitate further safe movement. 
  1. Handling roll cages from the correct side.

  2. It decreases the 30 million musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) injuries a year* and keep people in work. [*NHS England] . The angle of push is always adjusted by the rotation, to reduce back and wrist strain, whatever the users height.

  3. A solid ergonomic grip reducing arthritis issues.

  4. Making sure you are always pushing from the correct height of the cage, this reduces toppling over situations.

  5. They remove the 2 big retail injuries; foot damage from the wheels and the risk of hand lacerations by creating a distance and keeping fingers out of the cage, respectively.

  6. The ability to execute a virus reduction strategy. By allocating a set of iTip Handles to a user they can attach to the roll cage as required.

  7. Quickly interchangeable and can be colour coded for operational control.

  8. They provide comfort, ambient temperature to the touch. Reducing hot cage handling or the cold metal when the cage comes out of the freezer.

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) iTip Handles Report

"decrease the risk of musculoskeletal symptoms and disorders developing"

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