During every Health & Safety exhibition, Health and Safety professionals have approached us looking for a control measure for their biggest cause of injury…. The retail roll cage.
Issues include incorrectly pushing with the directional castors leading, pushing too high up (increasing the chances of a topple) and fingers being injured through the cage mesh.
We have developed a patent protected adaptor which allows a pair of iTip handles to connect on a cage quickly and securely adding a number of safety benefits.

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Once iTip Handles are fitted users are always on the correct side for the casters AND at the optimum height for moving a roll cage. iTip Handles feature the unique ergonomic radial design allowing operators to find a comfortable position, reducing risk, strain, injury and musculoskeletal disorder.

On completion of a delivery, simply lift off the iTip Handles to allow the door to be opened. Then iTip Handles can be hooked back on to facilitate further safe movement.  

Key Benefits

    • Protect toes and fingers from crushing.
    • Correct direction pushing.
    • Reduce topples and falls.
    • Move at right height, protecting back and wrists.
    • Covid-19 virus protection using user allocated iTip Handles.


"Companies that use roll cages continuously have found up to a third of their accidents are roll cage related"

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Roll cage report

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) iTip Handles Report

"decrease the risk of musculoskeletal symptoms and disorders developing"

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