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Revolutionizing Roll Cage & Roll Container Safety: The huge benefits of iRoll Safety Handles with Martin Ball

Revolutionizing Roll Cage & Roll Container Safety: The huge benefits of iRoll Safety Handles with Martin Ball

In the fast-paced world of supply chain logistics, the efficiency of moving products across the pipeline is crucial. Enter iRoll Safety Handles, a game-changing addition to the realm of roll cages (or roll containers), offering a multitude of benefits that go beyond the ordinary. Watch Martin takes you through the benefits...


Roll cages, inherently risky due to their open design, often expose workers' hands to potential hazards. 

The extensive list of benefits associated with iRoll Safety Handles truly underscores their unparalleled contribution to workplace safety and operational efficiency. Here's a closer look at the myriad advantages:

1. Directional Clarity: iRoll Safety Handles facilitate correct handling by ensuring coasters move in the designated direction, enhancing overall operational precision.

2. Height Control: The fitted handles guarantee that employees always control the roll cage from the recommended height, reducing the risk of toppling and potential injuries.

3. Hand Safety: Holding iRoll Safety Handles ensures that fingers remain outside the cage, mitigating the risk of cuts and finger injuries associated with direct cage contact.

4. Added Distance: The handles add distance, keeping toes away from wheels and minimizing the chances of self-inflicted injuries like foot bone fractures.

5. Visibility and Signaling: The bright, large handles serve as visual indicators of controlled operation, signaling to colleagues the location of the user's hands in potentially hazardous situations.

6. Grip Assurance: The solid and wide ergonomic handle minimizes the risk of losing grip, offering practical benefits for users with arthritis.

7. Automated Ergonomics: iRoll Safety Handles automatically adjust angles, reducing strain on the back and wrists for users of all heights.

8. Risk Assessment: They provide the foundation for a valid Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) statement, crucial for workplace safety compliance.

9. Virus Spreading Reduction: iRoll Safety Handles contribute to a virus-spreading reduction strategy, allowing for easy sanitization between users, providing PPE requirements.

10. Interchangeability and Color Coding: Quick interchangeability and color-coding options enhance operational control, facilitating seamless integration into various workplace environments.

11. Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements—just the occasional use of a silicon spray—the handles remain durable and reliable over time.

12. User Comfort: Designed for user comfort, iRoll Safety Handles ensure thermo-neutral surfaces that are comfortable to touch regardless of environmental conditions.

Incorporating iRoll Safety Handles into workplace practices goes beyond safety—it transforms the way tasks are executed, promoting efficiency, comfort, and a heightened awareness of operational control.

iRoll Safety Handles address these issues head-on, providing a fantastic solution for ensuring the safety and comfort of workers in various environments. For internal manufacturing warehouses where complete control over the cage is possible, iRoll Safety Handles attach seamlessly to welded fittings, offering a quick and efficient solution that can be easily fitted and removed. 

However, in large retail environments where this level of control may not be feasible, Safety Handles has developed a mount and demount system for roll cages.

This innovative approach allows for the attachment and removal of safety handles in a controlled, measured environment, aligning with Health & Safety Executive. (HSE) industry guidelines.

The advantages of iRoll Safety Handles extend beyond mere convenience. Once attached, these handles provide full control over the roll cage, mitigating the risks associated with manual handling. Whether dealing with exposure to the elements or the potential for injuries caused by the cage's design, iRoll Safety Handles prove to be a versatile and invaluable tool in roll cage management.

In conclusion, iRoll Safety Handles are not just an accessory; they are a critical component in enhancing safety protocols, overcoming challenges associated with roll cage usage, and ensuring a streamlined and secure movement of products within the supply chain. Invest in iRoll Safety Handles to experience a significant uplift in safety standards and operational efficiency within your organization.

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