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iRoll Safety Handles: A smart solution for Waste Management

Waste bins constitute an essential component of contemporary business parks, necessitating attention from all companies.

These bins often contain items flagged by health and safety regulations as untouchable for further handling. Instances of spillage on the exterior may occur during entry or the disposal process. Some models have built in handles that get crushed when the bins get pushed together. Given their constant movement, gloves might not be available, be the wrong type and not provide the grip. Therefore managing these bins poses a challenge.

Bristol NHS talked to Safety Handles at a Safety trade show. They explained the issue and invited Safety Handles to Bristol. After developing a set of waste bins adapter claws for Safety Handles, Bristol NHS had a safety innovation to protect staff from exposure to contaminates.

Surgical waste bin handling

iRoll Safety Handles have proven to be an innovative and essential addition to surgical waste bins at NHS Bristol. By incorporating iRoll Safety Handles onto these bins, a significant advancement in infection control has been achieved, as it eliminates the need for direct contact with potentially hazardous waste.

Safety Handles allow for easy and hygienic manoeuvring of the bins, enabling healthcare professionals to transport surgical waste without physically touching the container.

The integration of iRoll Safety Handles exemplifies a commitment to both employee well-being and infection prevention, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to healthcare waste management.

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