What are iTip Handles? garden/ dIY back pain?

Have you been laid up from backache?

iTip® Handles replace existing handles on everything from wheelchairs to roll cages. They are ergonomically designed to rotate. Therefore as you walk, lift and manoeuvre your barrow/ sack trolley etc it keeps your back and wrist straight preventing strain and injury. Watch the video on the right to see iTip Handles in action...

Work, home & leisure safety Increase ease of manual movement

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Reduce the risk with iTip Handles

iTip Handles fit in seconds to wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, roll cages, cement mixers & sack trolleys...

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Installation & review

Mark from Veg Grower Podcast reviews and shows you how easy it is to fit iTip® Handles. Firstly remove the existing handles. Depending on the width of your wheelbarrow arms, slide the provided spacers on before the handles so they fit well. Then take the iTip® Handles and slide over the wheelbarrow arm. Finally using an electronic screwdriver tighten the self-drilling screws...but not too much! Repeat the process with the other handle and you are ready for action. Its good practice to check the grip of the new handles periodically.

Download installation instructions


ITip require very little maintenance. Occasionally check the fixing screws are still tight. Apart from that from time to time and depending on where you’ve been using your equipment you may find a quick clean and application of either silicone spray or WD40 (or similar) to the faces of the D handle and the connector that slide past each other. This will ensure nice smooth operation for many years. 

Download Maintenance instructions