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Sack trucks are chameleons that are useful in so many manual handling situations. A sturdy sack truck can be used for transporting fridges to car tyres and all the boxes in between. Carrying up to 300Kg will put pressure on your teams backs and wrists.

The Health & Safety Executive concluded that iTip Safety Handles will reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and other injuries associated with manual handling. They can also help reduce the risk of cross contamination from user to user of shared apparatus.

If you have pram style sack trucks use ezTip Safety Handles, as shown in this video.

Safety against Sack truck injuries

Enhance safety by consistently utilising iTip Safety Handles, thereby minimising the risk of wrist and back injuries. These handles conveniently adjust to your height, ensuring optimal ergonomics.

In the absence of iTip Safety Handles, the non-adjustable trolley arms necessitate constant bending and exertion on your wrists and back. iTip Safety Handles offer a secure grip and swift release, facilitating seamless portability as you move between tasks.

The video shows iTip Safety Handles, the choice for standard sack trucks.


“I have never been able to use a sack trolley due to my stature. With iTip Handles I can do it. You don’t know how that makes me feel. Inclusive, certainly not inadequate as I have previously. This is a game changer for mental health and the wellbeing of
other female colleagues I know have the same issue”

Mrs Briant, H&S Office
Manager,  Wolverhampton

Moving heavy objects using stair climbing sack trucks

In specific scenarios, a secure grip is needed, particularly in instances of narrow access or the need for pulling up or descending down stairs, navigating angled ramps, or surmounting curbs. iTip Safety Handles offer a significant advantage over traditional handles when paired with a wheelbarrow. This superiority is especially useful for undertakers, canalway teams, and draymen.

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