Worth considering that not only has the HSE concluded that the iTip Handles will reduce the risk of MSD and other injuries associated with manual handling, they can also help reduce the risk of cross contamination from user to user of shared apparatus. The iTip handle is in two parts with the main D handle being easily and quickly swapped without any tools being required. This means one sack trolley, retail roll cage, wheel chair or whatever else can be safely used by many different people very simply swapping the part they are handling. Your team can be issued with their own pair of D handles at the start of their shift. New users of wheelchairs such as in a hospital can be given the chair with "fresh" handles fitted. The iTips are available in a range colours enabling many 1000's of unique combinations and easily numbered too so totally identifiable. Being dishwasher proof they are easily sanitised. We can supply as many D parts only as required. See the video below demonstrating that it will take around 12 seconds to change a pair.

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Sack trucks are chameleons that are useful in so many manual handling situations. A sturdy sack truck can be used for transporting fridges to car tyres and all the boxes in between! Always couple with iTip Handles to reduce the chances of injuries incurred to the wrists and back. It will adjust the angle to suit your height. As trolley arms are not adjustable you will always have to bend and put pressure on your wrist and back, if you do not have iTip Handles. They provide a firm hold and can be quickly released, so you can move them with you between . Also, you can quickly sterilise and wash them in a dishwasher! Increase the effectiveness of your controls by eliminating poor ergonomic handling of your manual handling equipment and removing the likelihood of jarring injuries.



  • Quick removal for sterilisation
  • Clean in a dishwasher
  • Main Sack Trolley video
  • Sack trolley demo

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"Independent ergonomics evaluation of the iTip Handles"

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