Safety Handles in Equestrian

Youngsters and Stable Hands are going to be working at a yard due to an interest in horses, not because they have a weight lifters physique! Therefore using a heavy laden wheelbarrow of manure or hay is a challenge.

Add to this uneven surfaces and dangerous heap inclines, they may not complain but they are building up a problem for themselves over time. Serious back problems in later life so any chance of reducing injury and strain for a small outlay has got to be worth doing.

Easily fit iTip Safety Handles to your existing or new wheelbarrow

Safety Handles produce extra stability and safety. Challenging heaps are smoothed out when attacking the incline. Most importantly, tipping your wheelbarrow is easier as the requirement to let go at tipping is gone. This will reduce the need for Stable Hands to tip the wheelbarrow dangerously.

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