Safety First

Ergonomically designed to reduce back and hand injuries, Safety Handles add a new level of injury reduction when manoeuvring and tipping. The hands are one of the most at risk parts of the body during manual movement. Rotating Safety Handles significantly decrease the risk of strain and injury when transporting and turning loaded wheelbarrows.

In terms of safety and comfort, Safety Handles are an obvious choice for repetitive manual handling of aggregates. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), there are approximately 12,000 non-fatal injuries related to lifting, moving, and carrying activities on construction sites each year. Rotating handles significantly decrease the risk of strain and injury when transporting and turning loaded wheelbarrows.

ezTip for minimum cleaning

For situations where it is not possible to put a cleaning process in place, or there is a high chance of aggregates setting in the mechanism ezTip is the recommended Safety Handle. They rotate on a bolt so have very little area for blockage. 

2Tip lifting safety

A recurring issue is the double-person lift, 'muck away' situation where two colleagues handle a loaded wheelbarrow, transferring its contents into a low-sided truck. The person at the pan end of the wheelbarrow often faces a precarious situation with nothing to grasp, which becomes even riskier when they attempt to lift the barrow. A two-person lift without the assistance of 2Tip can easily result in back and wrist injuries. In collaboration with the council and the highways industry, we have introduced an innovative solution. Two sets of ezTip Safety Handles, one at the nose and another at the traditional handle position of the wheelbarrow. This design significantly enhances the ease and safety of lifting for teams of two, reducing the risk of strain or injury to their backs.

iTip solid hand protection

Recognizing the vulnerability of hands during manual movement, the implementation of large, brightly coloured Safety Handles proves instrumental in minimizing injuries resulting from accidental catching and crushing. Additionally, the robust design ensures a secure grip, reducing the likelihood of slippage. Furthermore, Safety Handles offer the advantage of facilitating a solid grip when it is impractical to turn the manual handling device around, allowing for effective pulling.

Cement mixer safety

With the incorporation of iTip Safety Handles, operators benefit from improved grip and stability during the manual handling of cement mixers. The ergonomic design of the handles ensures a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting better control over the equipment. This not only reduces the likelihood of musculoskeletal strains but also enhances overall safety protocols on construction sites.

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