iTip handles in Construction

Both from a safety and comfort perspective iTip rotating handles are a straight forward decision for repeat manual movement of aggregates. The health and safety executive (HSE) state that 12,000 non-fatal injuries from lifting, moving and carrying occur on site every year. Rotating handles reduce the chance of strain and injury when moving and rotating laden barrows.

Health & Safety

Protection and Maneuverability

iTip Handles also lend themselves to improving movement and safety on other construction site equipment such as cement mixers and sack trolleys. Especially when a device needs pivoting to remove an aggregate load, iTip Handles stops the need to let go and re-position your hold, a hazard situation. Safety on site being upmost of importance, bright orange and yellow handles highlight the position of colleagues hands to reduce accidents.

Safety & Comfort

"Adding iTip® handles to a wheelbarrow
is the safest and easiest way to tip your loaded wheelbarrow, sack trolley,
cement mixer or anything that requires controlled movement."

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