iTip Handles Commitments

After the idea of iTipHandles was conceived and it won the Invention of the Year award it has taken a lot of patience, twists and turns to get them manufactured and to market. Creating tooling and finding the best mixture of materials for the task led to a series of product runs for experimentation. Then stress testing in a lab environment. We have also strived hard to find environmentally friendly packaging, providing biodegradable bags as an alternative to boxes at Shows, for example. Feedback from customers is also being constantly examined.

Not only are is it a UK idea but we are proud to have the complete injection moulding in Slough, England. The manufacturer has been providing products for over 50 years and is a family business, like ourselves. We can therefore offer great customer service, respond quickly to special requests and reduce lead times. Carbon footprint wise, the movement of the product is minimised and with the unknown factor of Brexit potentially costs could be 20% more if they were imported from another European country. It is also helping UK PLC as the spend remains within the UK, helping reduce the national debt.

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"Adding iTip® handles to a wheelbarrow
is the safest and easiest way to tip your loaded wheelbarrow, sack trolley,
cement mixer or anything that requires controlled movement."

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