Why hasn't someone invented this before? What a brilliant idea!

It's not often that you come across a new product that truly stands out. Safety Handles not only minimizes the risk of injury but also enhances comfort when using various equipment like wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, sack trolleys, and roll cages, among others!

It never fails to evoke a smile and often leads to a Eureka moment, accompanied by exclamations like, "Why hasn't someone invented this before? What a brilliant idea!"

This innovative product opens up opportunities across diverse markets, ranging from commercial sectors such as healthcare and construction to seamlessly extending into retail, particularly in gardening and the DIY gift sectors. It's competitively priced, offering a favorable margin, and is has patents established in different territories. A reseller's dream!

Health & Safety Trainers & Consultants

Health & Safety trainers and consultants can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their manual handling safety courses by seamlessly incorporating Safety Handles into their programs. Safety Handles provide a tangible and practical dimension to training, demonstrating innovative solutions for mitigating the risks associated with manual handling. Notably, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) acknowledges the efficacy of Safety Handles by keeping a roll cage equipped with them at their Buxton Training Centre, showcasing best practices for manual handling health and safety. Health & Safety trainers and consultants are encouraged to explore the dedicated program offered by Safety Handles to integrate these tipping aids into their courses. Elevate the impact of your training initiatives and champion a culture of safety by partnering with Safety Handles today. Please contact us below.

Cage and Manual Handling equipment manufacturers

Manufacturers specialising in Cage and Manual Handling equipment can elevate the safety quotient of their products by forging a strategic partnership with Safety Handles. Offering a unique and innovative safety angle, Safety Handles bring an unparalleled ergonomic design that significantly reduces the risk of injuries associated with manual handling. This collaboration not only enhances the overall safety profile of the equipment but also underscores a commitment to providing users with cutting-edge solutions. By integrating Safety Handles into their products, manufacturers can distinguish themselves in the market, offering a competitive edge while prioritizing user well-being. This partnership ensures that the final products not only meet industry standards but also exceed expectations in promoting a safer and more efficient work environment.

Online resellers

Online suppliers can empower businesses of all sizes to effortlessly integrate this game-changing safety measure into their daily operations. Resellers have the unique opportunity to provide their clients with a practical, cost-effective solution that not only mitigates the risk of workplace injuries but also enhances overall productivity. With seamless online transactions, timely deliveries (manufacturing is in the UK), and the potential for bulk purchases, champion workplace safety, offer Safety Handles as a must-have accessory for businesses looking to invest in the health, efficiency and sustainability of their workforce. Please contact us below.

International resellers

Experience the Power of Safety Handles: A Game-Changer in International Markets Worldwide!

Safety Handles, designed for diverse applications, offer a universal remedy to the challenges of manual handling, reducing the risk of injuries and promoting a secure working environment.

By investing in Safety Handles, companies not only prioritize the health and well-being of their workforce but also enhance operational efficiency and reduce the financial burden associated with workplace injuries. Join the global movement towards a safer, more productive workplace – because safety knows no borders. Contact us below.

Stores from Equestrian, DIY to Garden Centres

By incorporating Safety Handles into your store, you position yourself as a comprehensive destination for safety-focused, innovative products.

Meeting the unique needs of diverse sectors such as equestrian, garden centers, gifts, and workplace suppliers, Safety Handles are a game-changer for protecting back and wrists from injury and strains. In equestrian stores, these handles enhance safety during stable duties, providing a secure grip for handlers working with horses. Young stable hands do not think of the long term damage they are causing themselves. Garden centers can cater to the needs of gardeners where arthritis and back ache can be reduced using Safety Handles. An inexpensive thoughtful and practical gift option. Please contact below for more details.

Safety Handles marketing support

Safety Handles come equipped with a comprehensive set of marketing materials, including high-quality photos and engaging videos, designed to support both online and offline reselling initiatives. Meticulously curated to showcase the features, benefits, and diverse applications of Safety Handles across industries such as equestrian, garden centres, gifts, and workplace supplies. These visual assets serve as powerful tools for retailers, aiding in effective product promotion and customer education.

Let unique Safety Handles become the standout product in your inventory, driving both online and offline sales success.

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