What can you fit iTip to?

iTip handles are health and safety ‘must have’s’ for construction, landscaping, haulage and logistics, hospitals, roads and highways and industries where manual controlled movement of devices are required. This might be for wheelbarrows, sack trucks, cement mixers or wheelchairs.

iTip Handles are being applied in innovative situations to protect users, including the armed forces on stretchers and retailers on stock cage trolleys. 

What type of wheelbarrow?

It does not matter if you love your existing wheelbarrow. Because of the universal nature of the iTip® it will work with nearly any type of wheelbarrow Up to 32mm! The handles come with a set of spacers to allow easy fitting onto a range of thiner gauge tube right down to 24mm.

Fitting iTip handles

It is really easy to change your existing wheelbarrow . Firstly remove the existing plastic handle using a craft knife or just slide it off. Depending on the width of your wheelbarrow arms slide the provided spacers on before the handles so they fitted well. Then take the ITip® and slide the handles sleeve over the wheelbarrow arm. Then using an electronic screwdriver tighten the self-drilling screws...but not too much! Repeat the process with the other handle and you are ready for action. Its good practice to check the grip of the new handles periodically. Download Instructions >> HERE

How to fit iTip Handles on a wheelbarrow

How strong are they?

Manufacturers in the UK advise that their commercial trade wheelbarrows are load tested and certified up to 150KG. iTip Handles have been designed and tested to function well above this weight whilst providing better manoeuvrability and safety. The full report from independent test specialists Materials Technology is available on request. To protect your employees from operating outside of health and safety limits iTip Handles are designed to fail safe. iTip Handles do not need CE markings. Full details are given in the document that can be viewed HERE.

iTip handles can hold up to 250kg


ITip require very little maintenance. Occasionally check the fixing screws are still tight. Apart from that from time to time and depending on where you’ve been using your equipment you may find a quick clean and application of either silicone spray or WD40 (or similar) to the faces of the D handle and the connector that slide past each other. This will ensure nice smooth operation for many years. Download Instructions >> HERE