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What manual handling equipment works with Safety Handles?

Safety Handles are indispensable tools for health and safety across various industries, making them essential 'must-haves' in construction, landscaping, haulage and logistics, hospitals, roads and highways, and any sector requiring the manual controlled movement of devices. Whether it's facilitating the movement of wheelbarrows, sack trucks, cement mixers, wheelchairs, manual carpet cleaners, or weed pullers, Safety Handles are versatile and adaptable. Health and safety professionals are continually discovering new applications for these handles, expanding their uses to address evolving challenges. Moreover, Safety Handles are deployed in innovative situations to safeguard users, extending their protective benefits to diverse scenarios such as aiding the armed forces on stretchers or supporting retailers handling stock cage trolleys. Their adaptability and reliability make them a crucial component in promoting workplace safety and efficiency across a spectrum of industries.

How about my existing manual handling equipment?

No matter how much you adore your current manual handling equipment, iTip® Safety Handles offer universal compatibility, seamlessly working with almost any type of lever or wheelbarrow arm up to 32mm! The handles come equipped with a set of spacers, ensuring effortless fitting onto a variety of thinner gauge tubes, reaching as low as 24mm. This inclusive design caters to the majority of manual handling equipment, but should you ever need clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction and ease of use are our top priorities.

Fitting iTip Safety Handles

Changing your existing handles to iTip® Safety Handles is a breeze. Start by removing the current plastic handle using a craft knife or sliding it off. Depending on the width of your levers/arms, slide the provided spacers on before fitting the Safety Handles to ensure a snug fit. Take the iTip® Safety Handle, slide its sleeve over the wheelbarrow arm, and using an electric screwdriver, securely tighten the self-drilling screws—just enough for a firm hold. Repeat this process with the other iTip Safety Handle, and you're ready for action. Periodically checking the grip of the new handles is good practice to ensure ongoing reliability. Experience the ease of transformation with iTip® Safety Handles! 🔧✨

How strong are they?

Manufacturers in the UK recommend their commercial trade wheelbarrows, load tested, and certified up to 150KG. Safety Handles have been meticulously designed and tested to perform exceptionally beyond this weight threshold, ensuring not only superior maneuverability but also heightened safety standards. The comprehensive report from independent test specialists, Materials Technology, is available below for your reference. In prioritizing the well-being of your employees and preventing any operation beyond health and safety limits, Safety Handles are engineered to fail safe. It's worth noting that Safety Handles do not require CE markings, underlining their commitment to uncompromised safety without unnecessary bureaucratic formalities. Your peace of mind and the safety of your team remain our top priorities.

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