Safety Handles protecting Passenger Service Agents, Nurses and Porters pushing wheelchairs

As wheelchair technology has evolved, one area that is ripe for improvement is the comfort for Passenger Service Agents, Nurses, and Porters who push the wheelchair. Safety Handles provide a secure grip that adjusts to the position best suited to the Agent's height, reducing strain on the wrist and eliminating the need to arch the back. Safety Handles truly come into their own on inclines and drops, offering increased grip, control, and stability. Many colours are available and company customisation with branding is an option. Please talk to us to find out more.

Note; if you have a handle break system, please check the fit by contacting Safety Handles. For 'pram style' handles you will need ezTip rather than iTip Safety Handles.

Roll cages in Hospitals

The adoption of iRoll Safety Handles on roll cages in hospitals can lead to improved safety, increased efficiency, cost savings, and overall better working conditions for porters, ultimately benefiting both the hospital staff and the patients they serve.

Hospitals are required to adhere to occupational health and safety standards, and using tools and equipment designed to minimize manual handling risks helps
organizations stay compliant with these regulations.

Surgical waste bin handling

iRoll Safety Handles have proven to be an innovative and essential addition to surgical waste bins at NHS Bristol. By incorporating iRoll Safety Handles onto these bins, a significant advancement in infection control has been achieved, as it eliminates the need for direct contact with potentially hazardous waste. Safety Handles allow for easy and hygienic maneuvering of the bins, enabling healthcare professionals to transport surgical waste without physically touching the container. The integration of iRoll Safety Handles exemplifies a commitment to both employee well-being and infection prevention, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to healthcare waste management.

Stretchers get suspension using Safety Handles

An army officer pointed out the benefits of Safety Handles to stretcher-bearers. Patient care, speed of care, while maintaining safety, is paramount in evacuation situations. By adding Safety Handles, comfort increases by acting as a suspension system. Also, the point of re-positioning the bearer's hand is removed, making it easier to maneuver into ambulances and medical support areas. They are also easy to remove for sterilisation.

Contact Safety Handles

Please contact us directly for medical roll cage or bespoke cage requirements or any other questions you may have.

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