Protecting your DIY'er

We all work on projects at home either for a challenge or necessity. However if you need to take the next week off work with a backache, the benefit is rather minimised!

DIY enthusiasts can benefit from iTip Safety Handles because a wheelbarrow is a staple for all DIY projects. You can use them for various tasks around the house and garden, such as moving soil, sand, bricks, plants, tools, or furniture.

If you have iTip Safety Handles fitted you are ready to go, reducing the chance of backache and injury. plus control and accuracy is increased.

They are simple to clean by quickly slipping the D section off and either hosing down or popping in to the dishwasher. A valued present for any family member who works in the garden but especially if they have arthritis or previous back injuries.

Easily fit iTip to your existing wheelbarrow

iTip Safety Handles are a set of ergonomic safety handles that can be attached to various manual handling devices such as wheelbarrows, sack trolleys and cement mixers. They are designed to rotate and adjust the angle of the handles to suit the user’s height and posture. This reduces the risk of back and wrist injuries, as well as improving the control and ease of movement of the loaded device.

They make a useful practical gift for any DIY'er!

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