Gardening backache?

If you're doing any kind of work that requires handling wheelbarrows, Safety Handles are designed for you. Easy to use and ergonomic, you will reduce the chance of wrist, arm, and back pain.

Safety Handles are proud sponsors of the Gardening with Disabilities Trust. They provide grants to people in the UK to enable them to continue gardening despite age, illness or disability. This is a quote from one of their members;

“I have received iTip Safety Handles and they are amazing! They have changed the way I push my wheelbarrow and have
helped with the pains I get, not only in my wrists, but in my back. It is easier to lift and tip my wheelbarrow without having to bend my back or twist my wrists! Thank you so much!”
Kristina Ware

Arthritis problems?

We had a panel of Arthritis sufferers independently try Safety Handles on gardening wheelbarrows and the feedback was universally positive;

 “Yes I was happy as I had no pain after using a full wheelbarrow
as I normally would not be able to use it”

“It was great to be able to do tasks myself that I usually need more help with.”

“You had better control of the wheelbarrow without causing pain”

“[I like] The size of the handles & movement they give you”

“Very easy to use, and takes the difficulty out of tipping  wheelbarrow, less of a strain on back legs and hands, as i dont have great grip.”

“Yes I think this could help everyone, not just those with joint problems”

Gardening freedom for all ages

Even if you do not have problems with aches now, over time these will inevitably build up. The impact of being forced to give up gardening can have devastating effects on an individual’s sense of self. Its a great gift to treat your loved ones that get their mental and physical health from gardening. Here is a review from Mark, The Veg Grower Podcast...

As used by Radio & TV allotment expert Terry Walton

Terry Walton is a keen user of Safety Handles from his allotment in the Rhondda Valley. Some of his friends on the allotment had to stop because of back problems...until he got his iTip Safety Handles. Now he has to find his wheelbarrow to use it! You can see him on This Morning and Radio2's Jeremy Vine Show. Sometimes you can spot his wheelbarrow with the Welsh red iTip Safety Handles!

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