Safety Handles receives prestigious LCRIG Fleet and Equipment Award

Safety Handles receives prestigious LCRIG Fleet and Equipment Award

The LCRIG Innovation Festival is a beacon of inspiration and collaboration within the local authorities' sphere. This dynamic event showcased an array of groundbreaking products, solutions, and techniques through live demonstration sessions, underscoring the pivotal role innovation plays in addressing current and future challenges for Councils and especially  byways and motorways maintenance and construction.

Worker using iTip Safety Handles at LCRIG

At the heart of the festival was the opportunity for local authorities to explore cutting-edge innovations from the supply chain, empowering them to meet their evolving needs effectively. With a comprehensive conference program, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, and captivating live demonstrations, the festival provided a holistic platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

One highlight of the event was the Qualifying Innovator awards, where exhibitors vied for recognition and support. Among the esteemed winners was Safety Handles, a pioneering startup committed to revolutionizing manual handling safety. Their innovative solution caught the attention of the judges, earning them the prestigious LCRIG Fleet and Equipment award as part of the ‘Steve Berry – Think Exceptional’ Innovation Fund.

LCRIG Fleet and Equipment award for iTip Safety Handles following the LCRIG Festival 2023

Expressing their gratitude, Safety Handles conveyed their excitement and honour in accepting this esteemed accolade. The award not only recognizes their ingenuity but also provides a transformative opportunity for the startup to showcase their technology through a trial with a local authority, thanks to the accompanying funding.

In a statement, Safety Handles expressed their sincere appreciation to the delegates and industry specialists who engaged with their technology during the festival. They also extended their heartfelt thanks to the LCRIG organization for fostering an environment that celebrates innovation and collective problem-solving in the local council highways and byways industry.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by collaborators and partners, Safety Handles highlighted the instrumental support received from North Yorkshire Highways and Reading Borough Council. These collaborations have been invaluable in shaping Safety Handles' journey and refining their technology to address critical safety issues effectively.

LCRIG Innovation festival featuring iTip Safety Handles

As Safety Handles' story continues to unfold, the LCRIG Innovation Festival stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and collective action in driving positive change within the industry. With their groundbreaking technology poised to make a meaningful impact, Safety Handles looks forward to the next chapter in their journey of enhancing safety and efficiency in manual handling practices.

The LCRIG Innovation Festival serves as a reminder that transformative solutions need not come with an exorbitant price tag. Through collaboration, creativity, and unwavering dedication, organizations like Safety Handles are paving the way for a safer, more sustainable future in local authority operations.

iTip Safety Handles at motorway show

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