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Land Drainage: Oliver's Success with Safety Handles in Kent

Land Drainage: Oliver's Success with Safety Handles in Kent

In the heart of Kent, Oliver Pantry is Chief Executive of The Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board. He has found an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of their specialized drainage work – iTip Safety Handles. Oliver's story sheds light on the unexpected but transformative impact these handles have had on a vital aspect of land maintenance. The Board has adopted the key watercourses within its drainage districts and carries out maintenance activities such as weed cutting. The Board recognises that within its drainage districts they have to make a balance between land drainage and biodiversity. Ensuring the Boards maintenance activities aid in flood risk management while promoting and encouraging biodiversity.

Traditionally, they used a fork with a straight handle for their drag-reducing tasks in water courses. However, the stress on wrist joints and the lack of an ergonomic pulling point prompted Oliver to explore alternatives. Enter iTip Safety Handles, a game-changer in the field. By attaching Safety Handles to the end of the drainage fork, Oliver discovered a more ergonomic standing and pulling point, significantly reducing strain on the wrists. The enhanced grip on the handles not only improved efficiency but also allows the pull up action to be more safe as the D shape gives them a better grip. What started as an experiment turned into a resounding success.

Oliver and his team were pleasantly surprised by the versatility and adaptability of Safety Handles. iTip Safety Handles, initially not considered for this specific task, proved to be a wonderful addition to their equipment. Oliver's positive experience serves as a testament to the unforeseen benefits that Safety Handles can bring to specialised tasks.

The Land Drainage Board in Kent now considers Safety Handles an integral part of their equipment arsenal, affirming that they will look to purchase further sets.  Safety Handles have emerged as a solution to protect there teams backs from injury. Oliver's endorsement echoes the sentiment of those who have embraced this innovative product, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected solutions lead to the most remarkable improvements in efficiency and safety.

Thanks to Oliver for the interview at the Health & Safety Event in Birmingham. For more details contact or ring 0333 800 5000. 

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