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Cornwall Council (Cormac) 5 month trial. 96% overwhelming positive results for ezTip & 2Tip Safety Handles

Cornwall Council (Cormac) 5 month trial. 96% overwhelming positive results for ezTip & 2Tip Safety Handles

Enhancing Worker Safety and Comfort
With almost one-third of the UK’s population suffering from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and NHS waiting lists reaching record highs, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to prevent such injuries among their employees. According to NHS England, over 30 million working days are lost annually due to MSK conditions in the UK, accounting for up to 30% of GP consultations. To address this pressing issue, Cornwall Council (Cormac) recently conducted a trial using ezTip Safety Handles from Safety Handles.

iTip Safety Handles having won the prestigious LCRIG Fleet and Equipment Award, have a prize fund. Cornwall took advantage of this to and LCRIG picked up 50% of the equipment cost. This is still possible for Councils and sub contractor's working in the motorway and byway's public sector. Just contact the number below. 

The Scope of the Trial

A diverse range of tasks across the county, including pothole repairs, carriageway installation, coast path maintenance, and even burials, were all involved in the use of wheelbarrows. Given the physical demands of these tasks, it was imperative to explore ergonomic solutions that could mitigate the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSK) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) injuries. 


They engaged various work gangs in the trial, equipping there wheelbarrows with them with the ezTip Safety Handles. Also two new tarmac ready 2Tip strengthened wheelbarrows were provided. Post-trial, we solicited their feedback through a series of questions aimed at evaluating the comfort, ease of use, and overall effectiveness of the new handles compared to conventional ones. A critical aspect of the feedback was whether the participants experienced any discomfort while using the ezTip Safety Handles.


Results and Feedback

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 96% of the participants reporting a favorable experience. The new handles were praised for their ergonomic design, which significantly reduced MSK strain and made the tipping action more comfortable and less strenuous.

Key Feedback Highlights

Enhanced Comfort.  Workers found the ezTip Safety Handles made manual handling equipment more comfortable to use, particularly during the tipping action.
Reduced Wrist & Back Strain. Many reported a significant reduction in wrist and back strain, a common issue with traditional wheelbarrow handles.
Ease of Use. Participants noted that the new handles made the wheelbarrows easier to maneuver, especially when lifting onto work vehicles.

A colleague commented, “We have been trialling the wheelbarrow with handles for 3 months now, and have found them to be very easy to use with a lot less wrist strain which was a problem with normal wheelbarrows. I am definitely on board with this new idea.”

Observations and Suggestions

One gang noted that working in narrow spaces was more challenging with the new handles. However, they appreciated the ease of lifting and tipping once back in open areas. Fortunately the iTip form of Safety Handles is ideally suited for this situation as they are "inline" providing all the benefits of ergonomics in a narrow form factor. The question of durability was raised, however they experienced no breakages during the trial period, suggesting that the handles are robust and reliable. Indeed some have now been active service for 7 years in an outside environment. 

Additional Positive Comments

The trial generated several enthusiastic responses, underscoring the impact of the ezTip Safety Handles:

- “An absolute game changer.”
- “They are great for tipping – I would want them on all my barrows from now on.
- “After 30 years of barrowing, I've noticed a lot less strain on wrists, so I think it's a good idea.
- “Much more ease in picking up the wheelbarrow.
- “Bottom handles are better for lifting.
- “Tipping was easier.
- “They were more comfortable on the body as you didn’t have to push the barrow and catch it again before tipping out the tar.


The trial of the ezTip Safety Handles has proven to be a resounding success, with 96% positive feedback from the Cornwall teams. By significantly reducing strain and enhancing overall comfort, these innovative handles represent a substantial improvement. As Government continues to prioritise the safety and well-being of employees, adopting ergonomic solutions like ezTip Safety Handles will be crucial in mitigating the risk of MSK injuries and improving productivity.

This trial is a testament and commitment to exploring and implementing practical innovations that make a tangible difference in the lives of workers. They are looking forward to integrating the range of iTip Safety Handles into our operations and continuing to seek out new ways to enhance workplace safety and efficiency.

For more details on Safety Handles contact Hello@SafetyHandles.co.uk or ring 0333 800 5000.

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