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Double wheels and comfortable iTip Handles makes Myra's day!

Double wheels and comfortable iTip Handles makes Myra's day!

Myra Roberts is very pleased with her recently purchased a Might Mammoth wheelbarrow fitted with iTip Handles to use at her stables. 

"Thanks to everyone at iTip for helping with my wheelbarrow solution. Arthritic hands and wrists are no joke with horses and muddy fields.
The new 2 wheeler is the envy of the yard and the handles on the old barrow work a treat. All I need now is for it to stop raining!"

Myra Roberts


Two wheels take a little time to get used too however they provide that extra stability to make life a lot easier. No accidental tip overs and no chance of being temped by the dangerous "side tip". Coupled with iTip Handles to aid the tipping point and provide a bigger large grip, arthritic hands are less prone to problems. The wrist position is maintained straight reducing back and wrist issues. 

Lily with iTip Handles horse at the stables

We will just need to find the tap so its stops raining for Myra!  

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