2Tip 2-person wheelbarrow lift set (note wheelbarrow not included)

 2-person wheelbarrow lift pack  In “muck away” activities typically carried out by maintenance departments, there is a need for teams of two to lift and tip the wheelbarrow together, over...
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 2-person wheelbarrow lift pack 

In “muck away” activities typically carried out by maintenance departments, there is a need for teams of two to lift and tip the wheelbarrow together, over the side of a low-sided truck.  

Reduce the number of days your colleagues are off from work with back problems both short and longer-term. 

Traditionally a user would run up a plank into a skip with the wheelbarrow, but this is particularly unsafe.  A double lift of a loaded wheelbarrow into a low-sided truck is seen as the viable alternative, although it places a lot of danger on the two users' back with heavy weights involved. Also, especially at the wheel end, there is a high chance of dropping the wheelbarrow as no real handles exist. EzTip reduces the chance of back injury and provides a firm handle at the wheel end. 

EzTip is ergonomically designed handles for wheelchairs, sack trolleys, roll cages, wheelbarrows and hand cleaners. By using ergonomics, they rotate to add safety and ease of use when manoeuvring and tipping. They can also be moved between devices.  

This pack contains two sets of EzTip Handles with fixing bolts. The current introductory offer includes drill bits for fitting. 

ezTip Fitting Instructions

Usual Handle Position

If there are any existing grips remove these first.

Mark on the side of the tube the desired position for the handles to be fitted. Masking tape will help to locate your mark and reduce drill slip. It's recommended to either drill a pilot hole or use a centre punch.

Generally, this will be around 50mm from the tube end so your hand will be in roughly the same position as previously. Further down towards the pan will effectively mean you will then naturally lift the wheelbarrow higher, less is therefore lower. Repeat in the same position on the other side. 

Drill an 8.5mm hole right through both sides of the tube from one side only, making sure the holes are horizontal. Clean off any burs and insert the assembled ezTip handle with a washer both sides of the tube.

Secure using the MS Nyloc nut. Lock off the nut between the handle and the wheelbarrow using a 13mm open ended thin spanner ..a bicycle multi-spanner type is ideal. Alternatively, remove the 2 cap head bolts with a 5mm allen key to access the head of the spindle bolt. This can then be locked off with a spanner or socket. Please ensure to cut off the excess bolt with a hacksaw or angle grinder and pop on protective black cap.

2Tip 2 Person Position

Its important to get the handles in the best position for your wheelbarrow. Mark position making sure not too far forward that may catch the ground especially when cornering.

Look to go towards the centre of the wheel taking care not to drill into the wheel or tyre I Drill the holes as detailed above. Offer the assembled ezTip Safety Handles through the holes and check to make sure the bolt length will not foul the wheel or tyre.

It may be that you need to mark the bolt where it needs to be reduced to, not forgetting the washers and Nyloc nut. In this case having marked the position remove the assembled ezTip from the barrow, wind on the nut past your mark. Cut off the excess bolt and clean up cut end with file. Remove the nyloc.

Re-insert handle complete with washers and secure with the nyloc nut. Repeat on the other side in the same position. 

(Printed Instructions Included With ezTip Safety Handles)