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£400 million support package to improve musculoskeletal (MSK) resources for workers

£400 million support package to improve musculoskeletal (MSK) resources for workers

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, has announced a £400 million support package to improve mental health and musculoskeletal (MSK) resources for workers.

iTip Handles on a wheel barrow used on the train tracks

In his Budget statement today (15 March 2023), Jeremy Hunt said: “We also want help for those who are forced to leave work due to health conditions such as back pain. We should give them support before they end up leaving their job.”

Jeremy Hunt introduced a £400m investment to increase the availability of mental health and musculoskeletal resources, and expand the placement and support scheme for individuals.

iTip Handles on a wheelbarrow  for two person lifting

iTip Handles are a clear benefit in reducing injuries and long term musculoskeletal (MSK) issues for workers. Find out more information here.

Poor MSK health has a huge impact on people, their employers, the NHS and the wider economy. In fact, over 30 million working days are lost due to MSK conditions every year in the UK and they account for up to 30% of GP consultations in England.

Workmen over 50 using iTip Handles on a wheelbarrow

People are living longer with complex MSK conditions – for many people a longer life will mean more years spent in ill health. By 2030, over 15.3 million people in the UK will be over 65 years of age, resulting in an ever-increasing demand on MSK services. Read the full NHS report here.

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