Health & Safety Show Excel 22; iTip Handles on Roll Cages the star of the show!

Health & Safety Show Excel 22;  iTip Handles on Roll Cages the star of the show!

A grueling but exciting week at Excel in London for the iTip team as we met many Health & Safety specialists from all over the world. We had many interesting discussions and by far the run away interest was iTip Handles on cages.

Sack Truck image at Excel iTip Handles exhibiting

This seems to be a common problem that companies have. How do you make a difference to your colleagues safety whilst using cages predominantly designed for moving product than individual's safety. 

iTip Handles stand at Excel London

Actually putting a set of iTip Handles on a roll cage came from a conversation at such a show. We will be looking for partners to trial different connection mechanisms to provide this huge safety leap. Thanks to Consultant Martin we were made aware of a series of injuries and fines caused by roll cages. For example Wilko being fined £2.2m for a metal cage crushing an employee

Lady using iTip Handles on a sack trolley

We also had conversation's from health and safety specialists from construction and distribution. Sack trucks seem to be a common issue with an example of a lady being torpedoed over the top after misjudging the weight on a sack trolley. Wheelchairs also featured with health care specialists. We have already signed up for next years show. Thank you to the organisers and everyone who visited us at the show.


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