Introducing iTip Handles 2 person lift set. A real world issue solved.

Introducing iTip Handles 2 person lift set. A real world issue solved.

“The chance of the team members hurting and injuring there musculoskeletal are high as the wheelbarrow is not designed to be lifted from this position. Also, the chance of dropping aggregates or tar is increased as no handle exists.”

Sam Shean Reading Borough Council

2 Person lift iTip Handles

At the LCRIG Festival an area that was brought to our attention by the Health & Safety proffesionals was “muck away” activities. This is typically carried out by highways maintenance departments. There is a need for two team mates to lift and tip a full wheelbarrow together, over the side of a low sided truck.

Sam Shean from Reading Borough Council (RBC) straight away started examining a standard wheelbarrow with iTip Handles configuration and began thinking about how it could be used for solving this problem.

2 Person lift pack

iTip's development team met up at Reading Councils depot, introductions were made, and real-world feedback began. iTip had prepared a modified wheelbarrow, from the brainstorm at the LCRIG Festival. A set of EZ Tippa Handles were applied to the barrow’s tubular arms as normal. Then a hole was placed either side of the wheelbarrow nose. A pair of EZ Tippa iTip Handles were attached. The road crew started experimenting in the yard, loading a low sided truck with aggregates, and generally trying out the normal operation tasks of the road crew. Further discussions from the feedback began. The group consensus, it was easier, and safety was much improved. Also, the initial analysis of the video taken shows it will reduce back and wrist bending, reducing strain and injury.

iTip Handles as a control measure provides Health & Safety Officers with the ability for accurate and truthful RAMS. Previously it was not possible to do so as you could not detail the action of sharply throwing the wheelbarrow up, letting go and catching again. The introduction of iTip Handles means full grip of the wheelbarrow is always maintained. iTip Handles can also increase inclusivity by allowing all people of height and stature to successfully operate a wide variety of material handling equipment.

The  2 person lift set will soon be available for purchase on the website. If you have a pressing requirement please contact or ring 0333 800 5000


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